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You Are the Light of World


“Jesus Christ will help you find the real you.  You are more than meets the eye. If you ever let Jesus in your life, you will discover you are the son (sun) of the earth and the light of the world!” – Reverend William Watley

Great day folks! So today I have quoted William Watley. Just a short and simple reminder, and follow-up to yesterday’s message. Whether you follow the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, etc. remember that no matter who you follow, within you is the light needed in this world.


You Are Greater Than…


Greater is the one who is within YOU” – Reverend William Watley, referencing 1 John 4:4

Great day, great people!  Today’s Soul Food is such a simple but necessary piece of wisdom for all of us.  We need to remember that within all of us there is something greater.  Within all of us there is someONE greater. Within all of us, the great force that created everything of and beyond our understanding LIVES. It’s up to us to remember ourselves during times of stress, self-doubt, depression, financial worry, and in times of joy.  Reacquaint yourself with the greater inner you and help others around you reacquaint themselves with the greatness within them.

Today’s mantra for yourself: “I am greater than __________”