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Conquer Hate, Wholly


Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" high res cover art

Take a moment today to read these words, meditate on them and LISTEN to the quick link below and incorporate this into your lives. And so it is!

“Wholy [sic] holy
Come together
Wholy holy
People, we all got to come together
‘Cause we need the strength, power and all the feeling

Wholy holy
Oh Lord, get together, one another
Wholy holy
We should believe in one another (believe in Jesus)
Jesus left a long time ago, said He would return
He left us a book to believe in, in it we’ve got a lot to learn
Oh, wholy holy

Oh Lord, we can conquer hate forever (yes we can)
Wholy holy,holy
We can rock the world’s foundation (yes we can)
Everybody together, together and wholy holy
We’ll holler love, love, love across the nation

Oh, oh
Wholy holy
All together and holy
We proclaim love, our salvation – Marvin Gaye, Wholy Holy [sic], 1971