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You Are the Reflection of God

“The God of the universe–the One who created everything and holds it all in His hand–created each of us in His image, to bear His likeness, His imprintIt is only when Christ dwells within our hearts, radiating the pure light of His love through our humanity, that we discover who we are and what we were intended to be.  There is no other joy that reaches as deep or as wide or as high–there is no other joy that is more complete.” – Wendy Moore
God's Plan

Shine Your Light on the World


“Intricately woven, a blanket of stars covers the night sky, each star set in its place, reflecting its perfect light. All the stars together make a grand display, glimmering and shimmering in a unique expression of praise to the Creator of them all.” – Wendy Moore

Great day, people! Today’s Soul Food reminds us that, as individuals we can be perfect reflections of our true purpose and shine..and when we come together and work together, each using our own gifts and natural talents, we create an intricate display of power..and shining as your Creator intended is the ultimate form of praise redirected, as a thank you, to the universal force that is responsible for all good things. Just remember the powerful wisdom in that old song that we all know, “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it SHINE..”