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See Yourself


“God who is goodness and truth is also beauty.  It is the innate human and divine longing, found in the company of goodness and truth, that is able to recognize and leap up at beauty and rejoice and know that all is beautiful, that there is not one speck of beauty under the sun that does not mirror back the beauty of God.”

– Roberta Bondi

Find yourself within yourself

You Are the Reflection of God

“The God of the universe–the One who created everything and holds it all in His hand–created each of us in His image, to bear His likeness, His imprintIt is only when Christ dwells within our hearts, radiating the pure light of His love through our humanity, that we discover who we are and what we were intended to be.  There is no other joy that reaches as deep or as wide or as high–there is no other joy that is more complete.” – Wendy Moore
God's Plan