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Find What Produces Happiness


Great day everyone! I know I have neglected our soul food servings for the past week and I truly apologize. Things have been quite busy.  I found this old gem and found it quite apropos.  As we start our work day, and our work weeks–according to the schedules set for us by others (if you’re not fortunate enough to work for yourself), I think we all need to remember what is an illusion and what is real in our lives.  Hope you enjoy!

“Money had never made man happy nor will it.  There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.  The more of it one has, the more one wants.” – Thomas Jefferson (who was wealthy and used his wealth to enslave others, ironically :-/)

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Remember Yourself, and Keep it Holy


“The ancient wisdom of every culture other than the ‘colonizing culture’ is that as a society we must do two things: protect the children and protect the elders. When we fail or refuse to do those two things, we ruin ourselves.” – Morgan Garriss

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Respect Will Change the World


Something especially for those young girls content with becoming carbon copies of the distorted images they are fed on a daily basis.  Take this in. Reset. be your best self. For those of you who know someone who needs guidance, BE A GUIDE. (click link below for a little musical refreshment)

“There’s money to be made in convincing people that Jill Scott don’t exist/ ’cause if a young girl knows she’s Golden she won’t allow herself to be called no bitch…” – Talaam Acey