Heaven is Where You Create It


seek and you will findGreetings all! Today’s Soul Food is a great reminder that we all have the power and ability to create heaven in our lives, the lives of others and here on earth. Use your time wisely–it’s the one thing you will never get back! After reading this, think about what heaven is to you and CREATE IT. In this moment, I can say that for me, heaven is the existence of possibilities.

Meditate on this and enjoy link below 😉
“…No one knows the hour, nor do they know the day,
but the kingdom is near, don’t let anything lead you astray.
as long as God is with me, everything will be okay.
so right about then,we decided to pray….

your time
is a terrible thing to waste!!!
for there’s not one of these possessions that you can bring to space (yeah, it doesn’t matter)
it’s a challenge, but the chance of seeing, is quite a dream to chase (yes it is)
I hope
I remind God of Him when He sees my face ….

all mighty love,
watching over me….
a smile……..brilliant…..
all over …..constantly…..
warm …..comforting…..
perfect…like …no..thing
no hate..no confusion…no strain
simply peace…. simply

No fear! Heaven is to me
no fear of destruction
understanding who He is
his name is Christ!!
heaven, heaven is to me
wisdom, understanding, knowledge

streets of gold and pearly gates
halos wings all dressed in white
angels sing and cymbals glare
no ones rich, no one’s poor
people dreaming they live free
making love while they in love
wonderful dream wake me when you’re home

Heaven. Heaven is being Pops
heaven is spending the day with your grandchildren
listening to their voices when they laugh and play
and then at the end of the day, we hug,  we kiss and slowly they walk away
and then suddenly they turn and rush back to me and hug me ’round the knees
yeah, that’s heaven to me…”

excerpts from ‘Heaven Somewhere’ by Common, featuring Bilal, Ceelo Green, Omar, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu & “Papa Lynn”

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