Stand in the Now


“You said you would supply all my needs according to your riches and glory…Father, I stretch my hand to thee….no other help I know. I’m standing in the need of a blessing” – ‘Standing in the Need of a Blessing’ – Reverend James Cleveland (if you want to take a listen, for your soul, check out the link at the bottom of this post. ENJOY!)

Great day all! Today’s Soul Food was inspired by an online discussion I had with someone yesterday over the purpose of inspirational messages.  This person equated the desire to seek out inspirational quotes and messages with a person’s desire or contentment in being or remaining “broke” (such an odd and far-fetched connection, but anyway…). But I thank him for his ignorance in that comment because it was a great reminder to me and a few others about the purpose of inspirational messages.

We can all use a little inspirational coaching to get us through or over something, or to keep us focused and on our path. I thought about some of the old songs that have lyrics like “I praise Him in the sunshine, and also the rain” and like the one referenced above, “Standing in the need of a blessing.” What;s important in this lyric is that sometimes we may not be knocked off of our feet by life; but we are always in need of a blessing.  Sometimes we can stand in need of a blessing and open our souls up to the power of the universe to bless us, however is fit for our needs, to keep us going or get us through any obstacle.

No matter what life throws at you; no matter what ignorance or diversity you face, continue to STAND and face it head on and know that you are blessed and are being rewarded. You must trust that the reward is there, it is attainable and it it is YOURS.

Edgar Cayce once said “there is no past, present or future. It all happens at once”. This is a rather deep concept for some people to grasp, but when you approach it with simplicity it puts everything into perspective. There is no pleading or asking for what you want, because what you deserve is already waiting for you. Trust that it is there and do the work to go get it!


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